Dr. Maka’ala Yates ,DC and Marcia York,LMT ACSM
Teaching with Maka’ala at Natural Health Practioners
of Canada

The classes offered by Waves of Massage Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage Education and the instructor Marcia York , LMT ACSM are approved by Dr. Maka’ala Yates, D.C founder and director of the Mana Lomi® organization.

Dr. Yates is a kanaka maoli (Hawaiian Ancestry)from the Kona district of the Big Island, who has studied Hawaiian healing concepts since of the age of 6. He has been influenced by various Hawaiian teachers including a 16 year apprenticeship with renowned kapuna (elder) Auntie Margaret Machado. He specializes in traditional Hawaiian medicine and has chosen to call the integration of over 30 years experience and wisdom of his Hawaiian kumu (teachers) Mana Lomi®.

The Mana Lomi® technique is based on Hawaiian Concepts of working with the mana or life force of the body, mind and soul of the individual. According to the voices of Na Kupuna (Hawaiian Elders or Wisdom Keepers) Mana Lomi® could be translated as “the Lifeforce of Lomi”. We welcome your interest in learning Mana Lomi® and are excited to share with you this indigenous wisdom that can offer immediate and long term relief from physical complaint and unlimited healing potential to bring us back into balance with ourselves, our communities, and the planet.



“Ki’i Pohaku” Tracing the ancient wisdom of
Hawaiian healing.

Class Descriptions:

Our Mana Lomi® workshops not only teach hands on Lomilomi techniques. Each participant also leaves with a positive life transformational experience. We offer the experience of being connected with each other and with our planet.

The techniques learned in all of our workshops can effectively be used by massage therapists working in either a spa or medical environment. This Hawaiian massage both supports deep relaxation as well as injury prevention and recovery. We constantly assess our client's tissue seeking specific ways to relieve pain and release restrictions on many levels. Learn to work deeply with little demand on your body.

Classes are NCBTMB certified (#287333-00).  Refund & Cancelation Policy



Mana Lomi® teaches you to use relaxed contact with
body weight.

Mana Lomi® Level 1:
Clinical Lomi Techniques

The 27 CE hour level 1 workshop is our foundation class. We focus primarily on developing deep yet gentle touch, using body weight, palpation, and strokes that support the circulatory and nervous systems. Clinical thinking is introduced. This workshop establishes groundwork which is built on in the advanced classes.

In this level 1 class you will:

  • Learn a full body lomi lomi routine
  • Explore ways to use your breath, posture and body weight to deliver effective work which is both deep and gentle, and also easy on the therapist’s body
  • Develop your assessment and palpation skills
  • Study the history of lomilomi, Hawaiian healing chants, and the concept of ho’oponopono – living in right relationship with all natural things

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Maka’ala demonstrates effective chair technique to
relieve shoulder and neck complaint.

Mana Lomi ®Level 2:
Advanced Lomi Techniques

The 27 CE hour level 2 advanced treatment workshop covers advanced techniques that will allow the practitioner to handle most physical problems that may be encountered such as low back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, golf & tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, pain in the pelvic region, sprained ankles. Specific protocols are taught to treat conditions related to (1) neck, shoulders and arms, (2) back and (3) pelvis and hips and lower extremities. Use of hot towels as hydrotherapy is also taught.

Discussions on ho’oponopono and other related Hawaiian spiritual philosophies will be included, as well as scientific discussion the relationship between muscle spindle fibers, pain receptors & GTO receptors as applied to Mana Lomi®.

 *Prerequisite: Mana Lomi® level 1 Clinical Lomi Techniques.




Maka’ala demonstrates lumbar stretch.

Ho'onoho'iwi Level 3:
Soft Tissues Affecting Bones

The 28 CE level 3 workshops teaches ways to use bones as levers to affect soft tissue by stretching or contracting muscles and adding compression/traction to the attachments at the bones in order to help joints in all parts of the body to move more freely. Bones store memories. Learn to listen to the stories bones holds. Learn to help the bones release tension and guarding so that the soft tissue that attaches to the bones and the blood vessels that nourishes the soft tissue can be toned yet relaxed.

This class is taught only taught by Dr. Maka’ala Yates. Go to his schedule at www.manalomi.com

 *Prerequisite: Mana Lomi® level 2 Advanced Lomi Techniques.



‘ili’ili can make deep iliotibial
band release more pleasant for client.

Mana Lomi® Lomi'ili'ili:
Hawaiian Hot Stone Therapy

The 27 CE level 3 workshops teaches a full body protocol using hot stones. The protocol used mirrors the one taught in the Level 1 class, integrating the hot stones.

Lomi’ili’ili”, which literally means “flat stones in motion,” have been used in Hawaii for hundreds of years to treat the many levels of healing necessary to help restore balance in the mind-body-soul. Stones are used as an extension of the hands to help better access hard to reach physical restrictions. The combination of the penetrating heat from the stones with the Mana Lomi® use of body weight and specific presence and intention is powerful.

Each student will learn how to collect stones using proper protocols, how to heat the stones and control the temperature, and how to clean the stones.

This training is more than just laying of stones onto the patient; it is specific to the individual’s needs and focuses on problem solving. The more Mana Lomi® skills you have the more ways you can integrate stones into your session.

This 'ili'ili hot stones class may be taken either before or after the level 1 class. Because they build on each other, taking either one will help you pick up the information in the other more quickly.

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Shoulder and Neck Solutions - Applied Mana Lomi®

In this 8 hour one day class you will learn a thorough approach to treating shoulder and neck complaints. We will begin by understanding the anatomy involved  and then introduce Mana Lomi® problem solving techniques for the involved soft tissues, learn how to “talk to the bones” involved in these complaints , and review appropriate self-care techniques. We will include table, chair and floor techniques.

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Introduction to Hawaiian Massage

In this 6 hours class be introduced to Hawaiian lomilomi as a quintessential mind, body and spirit approach to healing. This ancient bodywork approach focuses on problem-solving techniques that are deep but not invasive to the client and easy for the therapist to deliver with little demand on their body. This introductory class will combine short lectures with concentrated table time to explore this comprehensive and effective indigenous wisdom. 

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Lower Body Solutions: Applied Mana Lomi®

An introduction to treating low back, hips, knee and ankle/foot complaints. We will begin by understanding the anatomy involved and then introduce Mana Lomi® problem solving techniques for the involved soft tissues, learn how to “talk to the bones” involved in these complaints , and review appropriate self-care technique in this 8 hour class. 

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Mana Lomi® Introduction to Table Techniques

This 8 CE hour intro to table technique workshop includes hands on experience with several of the techniques, a demonstration of a simple Mana Lomi® routine and an introduction to the history and philosophy of this indigenous problem-solving modality. You'll be able to give a simple Mana Lomi® massage by the end of the day. 

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Mana Lomi® Retreat Week on the Oregon Coast: 

Combine Level 1 (3 days) with Hot Stones (3 days):

Combine the Level 1 class and Hot Stone class for an amazing experience of skill building, immersion in learning about the indigenous wisdom of the Hawaiian culture, and enjoy a retreat to the beautiful Oregon Coast! You will be in class Sunday through Tuesday, break a full day on Wednesday, and then return for the final three days, Thursday through Saturday. This will solidify the level 1 concepts combined with a thorough understanding of incorporating hot stones into your practice. There will be opportunities for daily restoration through movement class, meditation and field trips! Many inexpensive accommodations are available for all or part of your intensive study program.


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Other Hawaiian Healing Workshops Taught by Dr. Maka’ala Yates, D.C.

see www.manalomi.com for class schedule.

Ho'oponopono: A Guided adventure of Self-discovery

This Workshop is taught by Dr. Maka'ala Yates, and is open to the public. Ho’oponopono is the answer to bringing peace, harmony, balance, wisdom and love into one’s life, local and global community, and the universe.

In this class you will:

  • Cut the cords to problem causing attitudes, beliefs, emotions and/or behaviors.
  • Connect with deep love of Spirit, self and others.
  • Laugh, learn & have fun. Develop meditation and other healing tools to use for the rest of your life.

Discover how to:

  • allow love and light to fully guide your life
  • let your guard down ~ Fear, guilt, blame, self-criticism, anxiety and/or anger no longer call the shots from beneath the surface.
  • live by contributing rather than by trying to please others
  • stay grounded in love when confronted with darkness
  • say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no
  • allow love to infuse every cell in your body, your every breath & your every thought

To learn more about ho'oponopono, click here.

Fast for Colon Cleansing

This Workshop is taught and supervised by Dr. Maka'ala Yates, DC and is open to the public.

Colon cleansing is a foundation for health. Maka'ala has taken traditional Hawaiian healing concepts and formulated a gentle cleansing ritual that will promote health, wellbeing and empowerment to all who participate in this first step toward radiant health.

The fasting period will include:

  • flushing digestive tract with sea water formula
  • cleansing with Hawaiian herbal formula
  • nutritional education and private consult with Dr. Yates
  • ho'oponopono concepts (correcting imbalances within that cause stress, unhappiness and disease)
  • Hawaiian healing chants and meditation techniques
  • Hawaiian ceremony for purification and elimination of toxins.

The purpose of this program is to foster independence so that each person will be able to repeat the fast without supervision as needed after being educated through this 4 day process. This is a transformational experience on many levels. The ancient Hawaiians believed in treating illness on all levels of ones being, involving mind, body, emotions and spirit. Cleansing was in integral part of life, health, and purification in this rich culture.

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Two (2) Week MANA LOMI® Intensive on Hawaii

This program is usually offered in October of each year and is held on the island of Kauai. Please check our schedule for specifics dates.

This two week intensive program is designed for those that want to accelerate the learning process of Hawaiian healing, especially using Mana Lomi®. This intensive training is held only once per year in Hawaii and includes lomi 1, 2, stones, lomi papahele (floor lomi and lomi stick), and some joint mobilization techniques. Hawaiian sweats, ho’oponopono, Hawaiian meditation, Hawaiian healing chants and clinical experience using the learned techniques are also covered. The maximum amount of students allowed is 12 so that an ideal ratio of students to teacher and assistants can be achieved.

Week One: Mana Lomi® Level 1, outreach clinic and Hawaiian sweat (hale pulo'ulo'u) & Lomi’ili’ili.

Clinical Hawaiian Massage 

This segment includes topics such as clinical procedures of lomilomi, chair techniques, ho’oponopono (realignment) concepts, the history of lomilomi & Hawaiian healing chants. The first three days is spent learning a full body treatment using Mana Lomi®. The fourth day is clinic and ceremonial Hawaiian sweat (Hale Pulo'ulo'u). Days 5 and 6 are devoted to Hawaiian hot stone therapy (lomi'illi'ili-i see above description).

Week Two: Mana Lomi® Level 2

Upper body and lower body protocols will be studied in this intensive class to better handle potentially difficult physical maladies using specific techniques. Clinic and Hawaiian sweat is also provided.

To learn more about this years 2 week intensive on Hawaii click here.