Marcia York is the primary teach at My Massage Education

  Marcia York, LMT ACSM RYT   

Oregon License #7415
Lead Therapist and Spa Owner - Waves Spa
Massage Educator
Certified Mana Lomi® Instructor
Marcia has been a massage practitioner and educator for over 15 years and licensed in Oregon since 2000.  She has worked in spa and medical massage environments. In addition to her massage training she is an American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Specialist and has recently completed an Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hr yoga teacher training program in Ananda Yoga. Her treatments are individualized to meet the client’s immediate needs.
 Marcia primarily practices and teaches Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. Hawaiian Lomilomi is an ancient, indigenous healing modality that delivers deep, immediate and long-term problem solving therapy. The philosophy encourages the client’s ability to attain balance and alignment.  Natural elements such as hot stones can be incorporated into the treatment session. This technique translates easily into massage for: relaxation, deep tissue, problem-solving, injury resolution, pregnancy, couples massage, and hot stone therapy.


My Massage Education roots its deep tissue massaged based on Hawaiian traditions.
The first 1976 Voyage of the Hokule’a.
Courtesy of crew member Dr. Maka’ala Yates, DC

What is Lomilomi?

Mana Lomi®(ML) is a specific form of Hawaiiam Lomilomi massage that focuses on clinically based problem solving treatment techniques. ML is the specialty of Lead Therapist and Spa Owner Marcia York, LMT ACSM. Lomilomi is based on Hawaiian concepts of working with the body, mind, and spirit. It is hands on healing that is deep and powerful, yet non-invasive massage to parts of the external body’s pressure points, nerve centers and muscle tissues giving immediate and long-term relief. It removes toxic wastes, tension, pain and fatigue and replaces them with positive energy, increases circulation and improves muscle tone. Lomilomi that can be used for injury prevention and recovery or to facilitate relaxation and stress relief.
Each lomi practitioner should be able to trace the lineage of his or her training back to a native Hawaiian kumu or teacher. The ML lineage of lomi practiced here is taught by kanaka maoli, native Hawaiian Dr. Maka’ala Yates. Dr. Yates specializes in Hawaiian medicine. He is a board member of the Ahohui Ho’ola Hawaii (traditional Hawaiian Healing Council), the Pacific Island Council of Traditional Healing, and the founder and director of the ML organization. He has been practicing and teaching Hawaiian healing concepts for almost 30 years.